The East Indies

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Nusa Tenggara (the South East Islands in Bahasa) are a string of islands strung out from Bali eastwards towards the Australian coast, some islands are Roman Catholic, some Moslem and some a mixture of both, but whatever their religious proclivities they are diverse places with each island giving you incredible architecture, music and food


Round houses on Sumbawa, towering roofs on Sumba, and animism on Flores, what more excitement do you want! Culturally you could construct an Eurovision Song contest between them all and fail to come up with a more deserving cultural winner!

For those who appreciate wildlife of the mammalian variety the island of Pulau Moyo off Sumbawa contains some of the best in Indonesia and is well worth a 2 or 3 day stop if you’re in the area and appreciate that kind of thing

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Timor looms at the far east End of the island chain, it’s a mountainous troubled island that’s emerging from years of difficulty and if you are of the more adventurous ilk an extension of this itinerary can be made to Timor starting off at Kupang and finishing at Dili in independent East Timor where if you admire Lusophone culture you will be in for a very pleasant treat
Day 1 - Denpasar

• Day 1: BALI ARRIVAL Arrival in Denpasar transfer to local hotel to get over the rigors of the journey. Free time at your own leisure and meal at your personal account. Overnight in Denpasar

Day 2 - Mataram

• Day 2: BALI – MATARAM A flight from Denpasar and upon arrival at Selaparang, Mataram airport, you are met at the airport and then taken through the lands of the Sasak people, sampling their culture, traditions and arts. this tour starts with a visit to the Banyumulek pottery making village, seeing the local women at work. Sukarara for both Ikat and Songket hand woven fabric, beeswax Batik. You’ll stop off at the village of Rambitan, after lunch at the local restaurant spend the rest of the day swimming and relaxing on the stunning white sandy beaches of A’an bay. Afternoon drive to the hotel for checking in. Overnight in Mataram

Day 3 - Sumbawa Besar

• Day 3: LOMBOK – SUMBAWA - SUMBAWA BESAR You are picked up at your hotel and transferred to Labuan Lombok with a ferry crossing to Poto Tano on Sumbawa Island. Lunch is provided on the way during transfer to Sumbawa Besar the capital town for check in at the Kencana Hotel. Overnight in Sumbawa Besar. - See more at:

Day 4 - Sumbawa Besar

• Day 4: SUMBAWA BESAR – PULAU MOYO – SUMBAWA BESAR After breakfast you’re then taken on a full days tour of the Pulau Myo National park, packed full of flora and fauna. Pulau Moyo is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and is home to wild pig, monitor lizards, 21 species of bat, large herds of native deer and hordes of crab-eating macaque monkeys. You arrive back in Sumbawa Besar later on the evening having trekked and observed an untouched island national park. Overnight in Sumbawa Besar

• Day 5: SUMBAWA BESAR – BIMA – SAPE - LABUAN BAJO After breakfast, a short city sightseeing tour with a visit to see Tano traditional hand weaving, afterwards a drive to Empang whilst visiting the Labuan Jambu traditional fishing village. You take in the scenic Nanga Tumpu with a transfer to Bima checking into the Lambitu hotel or similar establishment. Overnight on Bima

• Day 6: LABUAN BAJO – KOMODO NATIONAL PARK – LABUAN BAJO After breakfast at hotel then directly transfer to the harbour of Sape. And then by boat to Labuhan Bajo in West Flores which takes around 8 hours. Upon arrival at Labuhan Bajo harbour you are transferred to your hotel. Overnight on Labuan Bajo

Day 7 - Labuan Bajo

• Day 7: KOMODO After an early breakfast you board a chartered boat to Komodo island taking 4 hours, so a very early start is necessary. Once on Komodo you spend the best part of the day trekking and “meeting” the local predators if they’re nor dining on flesh at that time. You’re then transferred back to Labuan Bajo via the ferry for transfer back to the hotel. Overnight in Labuan Bajo

Day 8 - Ruteng

• Day 8: LABUAN BAJO – RUTENG After breakfast the journey across Flores begins. You travel to Ruteng en-route stopping off at Lembor and Cancar, picturesque towns reflecting the tribal colour of Flores. Check into your hotel and enjoy the evening taking in Flores cuisine. Overnight at Ruteng

• Day 9: RUTENG -BAJAWA After breakfast you then transfer to Bajawa, also like Ruteng it is situated in the cool highlands of Flores, stops are made at Ranamese Lake and also Gunung Inerie arriving in the Bajawa district for lunch. After settling into the hotel you have the option of attending a local traditional dance or simply relaxing. Overnight in Bajawa

Day 10 - Bajawa

• Day 10: BAJAWA After breakfast you’re taken to villages where you’re introduced to local villagers who have preserved their animist traditions; after taking lunch at Bajawa you then journey to Mengeruda to take the natural hot spring baths. Overnight in Bajawa

• Day 11: BAJAWA - MONI This is the Bajawa to Moni stage of the journey which will take 5 hours where you’ll be seeing picturesque Flores countryside, stopping off every now and then to break up the journey. There’ll be stop offs at Wogo and Boawae and also Onekwe village famous for it’s Ikat hand weaving. Overnight in Moni

• Day 12: MONI – MAUMERE After breakfast and a leisurely start to your journey to Maumere; you’ll make you way to your last spot on Flores. En-route you stop off at Kelimutu’s ever changing colored lakes taking their colours from the layers of rock which happens to dissolve into it’s waters. Overnight in Maumere

Day 13 - Maumere

• Day 13: MAUMERE This day is a free day to take in the local surrounding areas of Maumere, perhaps driving east and taking in the fruit plantations nearby, checking out local textile artists too. Overnight at Maumere

• Day 14: MAUMERE – WAINGAPU – WAIKABUBAK Transfer by air from Maumere to Waikabubak in West Sumba to see the unique stone graves and west Sumban houses. Overnight in Waikabubak

• Day 15: WAIKABUBAK After breakfast in Waikabubak you are then taken on a tour of local outlying villages to visit local houses and to hang out with local farmers and also taking in a local market where there are buffalo and local handicrafts on show. The traditional architecture in this part of Indonesia is also some of the most distinct. Overnight in Waikabubak

• Day 16: WAINGAPU – DENPASAR After breakfast transfer to the airport for transfer back to Denpasar spending the day in Bali taking a last look at Nusa Tenggara as the region is called. (B)

• Day 17: BACK TO THE UK After breakfast transfer to the airport for connections back to the UK or next destination

The East Indies Hotels

    bintangwisata1 bintangwisata2

    Hotel Bintang Wisata

      This is a budget hotel where for the right price you can actually aquire hot water, rest assured folks Globe at One will insist that you can get hat water, it is apparently a clean place, but please take into account that the charm of Flores is that it doesn't have the same charms as Manhattan island. Both Manhattan and Flores are wonderful places, but on Flores you are going to get an easy going charm which is certainly just as valuable
    Location: Bajawa, Flores - Indonesia

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    Laguna Biru Hotel

      This resort is situated on a rising overlooking the main town of Sumbawa, it is renowned as a base for water sport enjoyment with diving a speciality yet even if you aren't into watersports, the hotel is a refreshing stay on the coast within striking distance of the town and certainly a good jump off point for forays into the surrounding countryside. This is in fact a very Indonesian looking place with glazed tiled floors and plenty of raw wood on show, yet it is clean and airy with hot water and a bath tub, yes the hallowed bath tub with the possibility of a good soak cannot be sneezed at
    Location: Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa - Indonesia

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    seaworld1 seaworld2 seaworld3 seaworld4 seaworld5

    Sea World Club Beach Resort

      The Sea World really does offer up the sea to a guest while sitting conveniently beside Maumere bay with some of the best diving to be had in the East Indies on the doorstep. The hotel is what you might call a boutique number with much rattan cane and wood coming together with modern facilities. There is entertainment by local musicians for those wanting to hear Flores music and the usual communications apparel

      Sea World Club Beach Resort features 26 standalone bungalows, cottages and villas with several sizes, amenities and in different price categories. All bungalows are built parallel to the ocean and almost all our bungalows are either beachfront or at a very short distance of the beautiful Flores sea and the calm Waiara Beach. The alang-alang thatched roofs of the bungalows bland harmoniously into the local surroundings
    Location: Waiara, Maumere, Flores - Indonesia

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    bintang_flores_hotel_1 bintang_flores_hotel_2 bintang_flores_hotel_3 bintang_flores_hotel_4 bintang_flores_hotel_8 bintang_flores_hotel_7 bintang_flores_hotel_6 bintang_flores_hotel_5

    Bintang Flores Hotel

      The hotel is just 1.2 miles from Flores Harbour. It is a 10-minute drive from Komodo Airport and Labuan Bajo ferry terminal, offering easy access to popular dive spots. Mirror Cave is a 15-minute drive away
    Location: Labuan Bajo, Flores - Indonesia

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    estevania_lodge_1 estevania_lodge_2 estevania_lodge_3

    Estevania Lodge

      Moni is a small settlement at the foot of the volcanic Mount Kelimutu on the island of Flores in Indonesia. It is a good base for a trip to the coloured lakes of the volcano

      Estevania Lodge is a guesthouse that is located in the center of Moni village. Prioritizing the best hospitality and services for the guest, it only provides two double bed rooms. All rooms are new and very clean and have en-suite hot shower
    Location: Moni Village, Kelimutu, Flores Island - Indonesia

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    beji_ubud_resort_1 beji_ubud_resort_10 beji_ubud_resort_11 beji_ubud_resort_2 beji_ubud_resort_6 beji_ubud_resort_5 beji_ubud_resort_4 beji_ubud_resort_3 beji_ubud_resort_7 beji_ubud_resort_8 beji_ubud_resort_9

    Beji Ubud Resort

      Set in the heart of picturesque Ubud at the junction of the Oos & Cerik River in the spiritual and cultural heart land of Bali, beautifully blended with the contours of the hills lining the river valley providing unspoiled views of the opposite Sawah terraces and woodlands.

      Beji Ubud Resort Resort located in close vicinity of Ubud centre, on the main street between Central of Ubud and Kedewatan. The resort is in an enviable position to offer you a middle range boutique hotel with an ideal location. It combines peace and tranquillity and yet closes proximity to Ubud’s centre nearby famous Museum, art galleries, gourmet and fine dining restaurants, convenience shops, & bars
    Location: Vang Vieng - Laos

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