Mystical Luang Prabang

10 days from £2,500 pp incl flights, accommodation & transfers

Rafting on the Mekong, enjoying a sumptuous meal in Hanoi - here is Indochina

The Mekong Embankment

The last decent dance rave I went to was in the foothills of northern Laos. Nong Khiaw was the place, no Fat Boy Slim or Pete Tong, just Apsara dancing and local fire water to induce friendship.

Further north up the winding road to China villagers will turn out to view your progress. Whether you’re flaxen haired or dread-locked, it’s different to those eyes, but you won’t get an unfriendly Dodge City experience!

Rebuilding the Temple

Vientiane will be a tranquil glimpse to a past Indochina, relaxed, antiquities begging to be explored and as ever the people providing the main resource of interest.

The rolling Mekong caresses Pakxe in the south in a picturesque arc around the town and if rural small town life and scenery is your style then take in this sleepy place for an unwinding experience

The Plain of Jars

Luang Prabang remains the cultural jewel in the crown in Laos, it’s becoming busier, but is still an enchanting place with so many Buddhist temples and inquisitive monks ready to enquire about your world if you’ve an open mind and silver tongue!
Days 1–3 - Luang Prabang

• Days 1–3: Arrival in Luang Prabang via Bangkok to immerse yourself in another worldly town perched halfway towards the Chinese border. There are journeys to the Kouang Si waterfalls, to Xang Men and just mucking about on the river. Overnight in Luang Prabang

Days 4-5 - Phonsavan

• Days 4-5: Transfer to Phonsavan to base yourself for a visit to the Plain of Jars which are in fact large funeral urns. There are also ruins of Xiang Khouang civilization nearby too plus the remains of the French who favoured this hill station retreat. Overnight in Xiengkhuang nr Phonsavan

Days 6-7 - Vientiane

• Days 6-7: Vientiane the capital doesn’t feel like a great administrative hub, instead its easy to have a beer and feel like you’re in a provincial outpost! There are numerous restaurants and terraces along the Mekong also the Haw Ka Kaew museum housing the remnants of the finest Laos art to survive the Thai incursion of 1779. Overnight in Vientiane

Days 8-9 - Vang Vieng

• Days 8-9: An Excursion to the country town of Vang Vieng rounds off the Laotian adventure, Vang Vieng is a pleasant place with excellent facilities belying its small size, it’s also an outdoor adventurists nirvana with cycling, inner tube rafting (for the more adventurous of course!) and caving too. The area’s spectacular location is also a trekking favourite for people and a pleasant break from the large towns. Overnight in Vang Vieng

• Day 10: Transfer back to Vientiane to embark on an international flight back to the UK

Luang Prabang Hotels

    Thavonsouk Hotel & Resort

      The Thavonsouk hotel is a riverside hotel along the Xong river and a resort which has single and double rooms as well as family sized bungalows and is a marked step up from the usual accommodation found in Vang Vieng which is a saffron and kaftan kind of place these days

      A waterside location is always good plus the fact that this place is a relatively recent construction guaranteeing a cleanliness which coupled with the default Laos hospitality is a delightful combination. The sunsets over the river as seen from most guests bedrooms are the most appreciated feature it has to be said!
    Location: Vang Vieng - Laos

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    Namchai Guesthouse

      Featuring free WiFi, Namchai Guesthouse offers accommodation in Muang Phônsavan. Free private parking is available on site
    Location: Phônsavan - Laos

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    ancient1 ancient2 ancient3 ancient4

    Ancient Luang Prabang

      The Ancient was opened in 2005. The building appears in fine harmony architecturally and aesthetically with the rest of the town, it has the air of a boutique hotel, old style Laotian mansion it isn't but a modern, stylish pastel colour place where Laos can touch the 21st century it is and there is really nothing wrong with that

      All our rooms feature an open bathroom concept- the shower and sink form part of the unique room designs...
    Location: Ban Phoneheuang, Luang Prabang - Laos

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    innercity1 innercity2 innercity3 innercity4 innercity5

    Inter City Boutique Hotel

      The Inter City is a boutique hotel set just alongside the Mekong river in the centre of Vientiane. A truly regal view not far from the bright lights of the evening broadwalk nearby which literally hums during the evening. Character has been injected into a place far from resembling a traditional Laos house and the restaurant rocks too!

      The best view of Mekong River

      Enjoy the spectacular Mekong-River view from your room

      Beautiful boutique hotel decorated with Asian fine art, located along Mekong River in the heart of Vientiane and only 15 minutes away from the airport

      Walking along river bank, surrounding by shop, temples, restaurants...etc
    Location: Vientiane - Laos

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