Rugged Borneo

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Rafting on the Mekong, enjoying a sumptuous meal in Hanoi - here is Indochina

Selingan Island

Sabah is the rugged frontier of fast forwarding Malaysia, but therein lies it’s attraction, for even if Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Malacca can provide a veneer of manicured and efficient facilities, Sabah provides a taste of the primeval where the natural landscape crowned by majestic Mt Kinabalu takes pride of place

Kota Kinabalu

The aboriginal peoples of Sabah are those who because they only joined the Malay federation in 1963 have been able to hold onto their traditions even though headhunting which was prominent until after the 2nd World War is no longer part of their custom.

The Turtle Islands national park are three small islands roped off from development, you are able to visit even though it has been given over for the convenience of the turtles primarily. Very commendable

Sabah Coast

The waters around Palau Sipadan are seas that Jacques Cousteau would have relished and indeed snorkeling around these waters are all potentially part of a tour around Sabah
Day 1 - Kota Kinabalu

• Day 1: Arrival in Kota Kinabalu with a stroll to Signal Hill in order to take in a Borneo sunset on your first night there

Day 2 - Mount Kinabalu

• Day 2: After breakfast a drive to the Kinabalu national Park proceeding to the foothills of Mount Kinabalu and picking up a choice of two separate trails within this a world heritage park containing an abundance of wild flora, a draw for any botany enthusiast

Day 3 - Sepilok Nature Resort

• Days 3: After breakfast journey across to the Sepilok Nature Resort to a pristine rainforest resplendent with a treetop canopy that will be explored also. Visit Kipungit waterfalls where nearby you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate in hot sulphur pool pampering before going onto the Sepilok Nature Resort to spend the night

Days 4 - Selingan Island

• Day 4: A trip to Selingan Island is tackled after breakfast where you may be witness to the turtles laying their eggs, you are not interfering with these marvellous creatures and will always be under supervision by an island ranger. Snorkelling and general relaxation is in order spending the night at an island chalet

Day 5 - Sandakan

• Day 5: You leave Selingan island for Sandakan eventually making a visit to the Sepilok Urang Utan Rehibilitaion Centre where in an open area you can feed and “interact” in a positive way with these animals who were only too willing to tolerate Hollywood actors back in the day! You then journey to Sukau to check into the Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge staying overnight

• Day 6: You’re woken up to the sounds (and smells?) of the local wildlife, taking a trip to nearby oxbow lake to observe the local wildlife, after lunch the rest of the day is free. Overnight at the Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge

• Day 7: After breakfast cruise the river back to Sandakan where at the jetty you can visit the local stilt houses erected by the local tribes people. Then a transfer to the airport to fly back to Kota Kinabalu where an international flight takes you back to the UK

Rugged Borneo Hotels

    kinabalu_mountain_lodge_1 kinabalu_mountain_lodge_2 kinabalu_mountain_lodge_3 kinabalu_mountain_lodge_4

    Kinabalu Mountain Lodge

      Kinabalu Mountain Lodge ~ 'Where the forest surround you'

      We are the best place to stay around the National Park, for those who love nature, KML have variety of species of moths, insects and birds.

      Kinabalu Mountain Lodge is just located 2KM before Kinabalu National Park.

      We have: Vegetarian Meals Provided Cozy Balcony area Spacious Living Room BBQ Area Guest Kitchen Hot & Really Cold Water Shower Luggage Storage Convenient Shop Satelite TV
    Location: Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia

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    kinabatangan1 kinabatangan2 kinabatangan3 kinabatangan4

    Kinabatangan River Lodge

      This straightforward lodge contains en-suite bathrooms for all rooms and mosquito nets all round, useful seeing as the lodge is perched above water, the rooms are modern and sprightly with surroundings as ever a clear antidote to the concrete jungles that many of you may have come from
    Location: Sukau, Kinabatangan, Sabah - Malaysia

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    sepilok1 sepilok2 sepilok3 sepilok4 sepilok8 sepilok7 sepilok6 sepilok5

    Sepilok Nature Resort

      This is an unusual venue in which to stay, yes it is a resort but it is also an Orangutan rehabilitation centre and the revenue from guests help to sustain the centre's prime activity. Agreeably most guests are more than happy to hang out with the orangs who are just as glad to interact with you

      The chalet itself is a traditional constructed building where hard wood is everywhere, within in a positive context to be honest. Much foliage which the primates enjoy and enough tranquillity to banish the 6:45 from Sevenoaks to a distant memory are other winning attractions of the nature resort

      Combining rich traditional style with contemporary luxury, Sepilok Nature Resort is the ideal starting point for most other wildlife land destinations in Sabah such as the fauna rich Kinabatangan River and the surrounding Sukau area. Sepilok Nature Resort also offers the perfect setting for relaxing after a long plane trip, before continuing on a diving holiday to Lankayan
    Location: Sandakan, Sabah - Malaysia

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    promenade1 promenade2 promenade3 promenade4 promenade5

    Promenade Hotel

      This is a swish hotel with all the trimmings, it offers views over the South China Sea and islands nearby, with a fully equipped gym and a dining hall that serves delicious Chinese cuisine; remember many people of Chinese descent reside in Kota Kinabalu so this isn't your local takeaway fare! It is situated in central Kinabalu so is therefore near to all meaningful amenities and extra convenient for those forays into Sabah's hinterland
    Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Malaysia

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    Selingan Island Chalet

      Turtle island is a spit of land out in the South China Sea with this chalet as the only residence on it. The chalet is as expected situated in the middle of a wonderful tropical backdrop, but the real purpose of coming here apart from relaxing and marvelling where you are is to bear witness to the turtles and their breeding cycles and if you're lucky at the right time of year you'll either see adult turtles laying eggs or hatchlings scampering towards the deep blue sea. All in all a pretty impressive
    Location: Turtle Island, Sabah - Malaysia

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Off the Sabah coast Malay moth Mount Kinabalu Turtle Island Traditional Sabah dancer