Many Islands, Many People, Pure Pinoy!

15 days from £2,800 pp incl flights, accommodation & transfers

Rafting on the Mekong, enjoying a sumptuous meal in Hanoi - here is Indochina


The Philippines provides most of East Asia with it’s musicians and maids, Asia’s Troubadours really are what they’ve been described as and I met many people from there in the USA which was colonial master for 50 years. So I went to the islands to see what they were really like

Inter Island Crossings..

Well from 1565 to 1898 the country was Spanish. From 1898 to 1946 the country was American and because of that, this is a very westernized country. There’s much music and a freewheeling way about the people, very hospitable and surprisingly Manila isn’t that much of a safety risk despite there being 14 million Manileño residents

Round off with the Beach!

Negros is a large island in the middle of the country with a long coastline, and typically gregarious people, Bohol is ever so slightly more inhibited, but that’s relative since yours truly was still able to joke, laugh and get invited to the locals homes.

Flying over the Visayas islands was like the ultimate geography lesson; green nodules in a blue/green sea
Day 1 - Naga

• Day 1: After landing in Manila, take a few hours to settle down or take a nap to get over your journey before a transfer to Naga in the south east of Luzon in the Bicol region starting in the evening aboard a luxury air conditioned bus

Day 2 - Naga

• Day 2: A morning arrival at Naga will be started off with a drop off at your hotel - the Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC). Naga City in Camarines Sur province is about 450 kilometres south of Manila and a 9 hr-drive from Manila. Located in the Bicol region, the area is generally hilly and mountainous with a flat central area known as the Bicol plain. Mt. Isarog with an elevation of 1, 976 metres and Mt. Iriga at 1,196 metres are also present. Naga City boasts one of the most modern wake boarding facilities and just a few hours away is the Caramoan Peninsula, a rugged finger of land extending into the waters of the Maqueda Channel. Notable are several islands with white sandy beaches and towering marble cliffs just off the coast. In the afternoon you can take a wakeboarding clinic. Overnight in Naga

Day 3: After breakfast you can enjoy more wakeboarding activities. Then in the afternoon you’re driven to Legazpi in Albay province (1½ hours). You check into your hotel then proceed on a tour of Legazpi including a visit to the Cagsawa Ruins, Lingnon Hill and Pili farm. Overnight in Lagazpi

Day 4 - Mt Mayon

• Day 4: Transfer to jump off point. Mt. Mayon volcano is one of the 11 active volcanoes in the Philippines and is known as a perfect cone volcano. Beautifully symmetrical, Mayon which rises to 2,462 m above the Albay Gulf is the Philippines' most active volcano. The structurally simple volcano has steep upper slopes averaging 35-40 degrees that are capped by a small summit crater. The historical eruptions of this basaltic-andesitic volcano date back to 1616 and range from strombolian to basaltic plinian, with cyclical activity beginning with basaltic eruptions, followed by longer term andesitic lava flows. Eruptions occur predominately from the central conduit and have also produced lava flows that travel far down the flanks. Pyroclastic flows and mudflows have commonly swept down many of the approximately 40 ravines that radiate from the summit and have often devastated populated lowland areas. Mayon's most violent eruption, in 1814, killed more than 1200 people and devastated several towns. The first part of the climb is a 5-hour trek to the base camp. Camp lunch and dinner. Tent accommodation. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included) Overnight in camp accommodation on Mt Mayon

Day 5: After having a camp breakfast we then commence the trek to the peak. After reaching the peak there is the descent to Legazpi city with a transfer back to the hotel with the rest of your day free. Overnight in Legazpi

Day 6 - Panglao

• Day 6: After breakfast and a transfer to the airport you fly to Tagbilaran on Bohol island and transfer to the resort of Panglao Island just off the west coast of Bohol connected by a bridge. Overnight on Panglao

• Day 7: After breakfast you depart the resort for a full days countryside tour. The tour begins with an easy drive along the coastal road making the first stop at the Blood Compact Marker (a monument of friendship between the Spanish colonisers and the local tribes). Then continue to the oldest Catholic Church in the Philippines, the Baclayon Church. You then stop off at Loboc to see tarsiers in a wildlife sanctuary. From the coastal road, the drive takes an uphill climb through an impressive manmade forest leading to the town of Carmen where nearby lie the “Chocolate Hills”, which are hundreds of hills whose colours change from green to brown during summer, thus the ‘chocolate’ term. You then proceed to one of the hills offering a vista to see all the others rising from the surrounding valley floor. You’ll then be driven back to Loboc and board the floating restaurant for a cruise of Loay River with lunch. You then return to the resort on Panglao. Overnight on Panglao

Day 8 - Panglao

• Day 8: Early morning coffee or tea at the resort. Board the motorized boat for dolphin watching. Full breakfast on board the boat. (and we mean full folks!) Then, proceed to Pamilacan Island to explore the island visiting a nearby fishing village and marine sanctuary. Swimming and snorkelling are your options to take. Picnic and lunch are served returning to Panglao in the afternoon. Overnight on Panglao

• Day 9: You’re free until the transfer to the airport on Bohol for the connection to Manila with the international flight back home

Many Islands Hotels

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    Pepperland Hotel

      The Pepperland Hotel is strategically located along the Airport Road of Legazpi City the heart of business and pleasure in Albay. Pepperland Hotel offers upscale accommodation at the most reasonable price with full amenities of fine-dining restaurant, coffee shop and the well-known night-life center in Legazpi City, the South Road bar

      Pepperland Hotel is centrally located about 15 minutes from downtown Legazpi. It has been a second home to International and local personalities, a place for a very special weddings and various social functions, a venue for business functions and corporate activities, a host for diners, travelers, family members, coffee lovers and the like
    Location: Legazpi City, Albay - Philippines

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    bohol1 bohol2 bohol3 bohol4 bohol8 bohol7 bohol6 bohol5

    Bohol Beach Club

      After undergoing a major renovation of our rooms and facilities, BBC has opened its doors once again with major changes including new rooms, new suites and modern facilities to cater to the most discerning travelers. The resort is well laid out so that space is maximized giving all guests’ the feel of freedom, privacy and solitude. From the rooms, to the restaurants, the activities and facilities, all aspects of the resort have been enhanced with the satisfaction of our guests’ in mind

      Aside from this, BBC continues to boast of having the best beach in the island. A large private beach with powdery white sand, pristine waters and most importantly, all the breathing space that guests’ need in order to enjoy, without the maddening crowd and unwanted distractions. Food choices are also well thought of as the new kitchen team offers a wide variety of traditional Filipino fare as well as international cuisine that will surely satisfy the gastronomical desires of all guests. Add to this the impeccable service of the BBC Team; genuine service that comes from the heart! This is what makes for a perfect vacation in Bohol
    Location: Bo. Bolod, Island of Panglao Bohol - Philippines

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    heritage1 heritage2 heritage3 heritage4 heritage6 heritage5

    The Heritage Hotel Manila

      The Heritage is a 4 star pile sitting conveniently near the airport, in keeping with many oriental hotels of its ilk it is quite large, and well appointed, with a recent refurbishment of rooms having being carried out last year. Manila Bay is not far away if you fancy a stroll A casino for those who have the itch to lose or gain money and swimming pool is available also. There are rooms for the disabled, business centre with internet connection available too. This is indeed a very welcome venue in which to be introduced to Manila
    Location: Pasay City, Manila - Philippines

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Off Masbate island Masbate to Milagros bus Tagbilaran, Bohol island Bohol beach boys!