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get high on Bolivia, just take the time to acclimatize!

Bolivian Market

The altiplano culture of Bolivia hasn’t granted it immunity from the musical and cultural pleasures washing over many people of the continent. Cumbia Boliviano blares out from cafes and clubs from La Paz to Santa Cruz, but the dulcet tones of Quechua and Aymara are still to be heard as the country hurtles into the 21st century.

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This is a country not exclusively mummified in an Inca wonderland although evidence of Spanish rule are everywhere to behold. Potosi’s Cerro Rico silver mountain is still there, the salt flats of Uyumi make for a fascinating visit as does the town of Copacabana perched on the edge of the mystical lake Titicaca. There is even a “salt” hotel that is bookable if you want!

Lake Titicaca

After arriving in La Paz, 30 hours is the acclimatising period for most and then afterwards you can see people living on shear mountainsides in altitude so acute that official football matches are deemed too strenuous to be played at such an altitude! The altitude can literally take your breath away, but as ever the people are the country and the Bolivianos are more hospitable than most and easy people to talk with and to have a laugh with too… but don’t talk about football with them though!!
Day 1 - Santa Cruz

• Day 1: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, transfer to the hotel and visit the city of Santa Cruz, one of the most dynamic places in Bolivia

Day 2 - Sucre

• Day 2: After breakfast transfer to the airport and a short flight to the town of Sucre to Bolivia’s administrative capital, a proud place and also a UNESCO sponsored cultural heritage site. Here are wide boulevards fringed with grand houses attesting to this place’s aspirations of usurping La Paz as seat of government

Day 3 - Potosí

• Day 3: Your morning will be free to wander around Sucre’s world renowned architecture. In the afternoon you’ll be transferred to Potosí, also a UNESCO sponsored cultural heritage site

Day 4 - Potosí

• Day 4: You’ll be taken to the Cerro Rico silver mine, the most extensive in South America, if going down the mine isn’t for you then the regal buildings of Potosí remembering you’re still halfway up towards the stars! Spending the night in Potosí

Day 5 - Uyuni

• Day 5: After breakfast you’ll be taken on a private transfer from Potosi to Uyuni taking six hours where en-route you’ll be passing through an former silver mine of Pulacayo

Day 6 - Tahua

• Day 6: Within the district of Uyuni and Colchani visit a family run salt business, journey to the the Isla Incahuasi in the middle of the salt lake, hike up to the summit among the island’s cacti, traverse the salt desert to Tahua. Spending the evening and night at the Salt Hotel at Tahua

Day 7 - La Paz

• Day 7: After marvelling how you slept with so much salinity you’ll be transferred to la Paz, a 3 hour ride away

• Day 9: After breakfast a transfer to the airport for an international flight back to the UK

Complete Bolivia! Hotels

    parador1 parador2 parador3 parador4 parador5

    Hotel Parador Santa María La Real

      This hotel is housed in an old colonial pile in the middle of Sucre's old town, with courtyards and pastel washed walls giving the impression of a latin American grand residence. There is an interesting cellar which is worth visiting there too if you have the time

      The hotel was built during the 18th century and each room retains a flavour of those times despite the place having since had a major renovation

      Facilities include a full-on spa, free wi-fi, travel assistance facilities
    Location: Sucre

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    tayka1 tayka2 tayka3 tayka4 tayka5

    Hotel Tayka de Sal

      Salt is the name and salt is the game of this, a unique hotel in the world where everything in the hotel is constructed from salt mined from the nearby salt flats

      The hotel is 110kms west if Uyuni and is situated literally on the shores of Uyuni offering spectacular views of the panorama that is an idiosyncratic part of the altiplano

      As stated the flats are literally on its doorstep and the opportunities to hike and explore are limitless, but since the hotel can only accommodate 47 guests then forward booking is advised
    Location: Localidad de Tahua, Salar de Uyuni, 0000 Phaspani, Bolivia

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    los_tajibos_1 los_tajibos_10 los_tajibos_2 los_tajibos_3 los_tajibos_4 los_tajibos_5 los_tajibos_6 los_tajibos_7 los_tajibos_8 los_tajibos_9

    Los Tajibos Hotel

      Los Tajibos (a herb tree) is situated in a residential quarter of Santa Cruz just 10 minures from the centre of town and 15 minutes from the international airport

      Every room has it's own personal balcony looking out over a lovely vista and as the complex doubles as a conveference centre communications facilities are superb

      As you can see a swimming pool is of use to guests. You can dine at the onsite restaurants that serve a variety of delicacies

      Furthermore, the Don Carlos Lobby Bar is a great rendezvous for evening cocktails where you can relax before or after dinner while listening to tunes and perhaps enjoying a fine cigar from the imported selection
    Location: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

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    girasoles2 girasoles3 girasoles1

    Hotel Girasoles

      Here is a friendly and simple hotel, but let not the word simple translate as uncouth! It is a thoroughly charming place within easy reach of Uyuni's interests and obviously a good spring point to explore the nearby salt flats
    Location: Uyuni, Bolivia

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    europalapaz1 europalapaz2 europalapaz3 europalapaz4 europalapaz5

    Hotel Europa - La Paz

      The Europa lives up to it's European standards of luxury and is a very comfortable place to stay in La Paz with a growing reputation

      If La Paz is generally catching up with hotel amenities in general, then the Europa has already reached that milestone and can help the rest of the city in that quest for quality. It is a modern, bright hotel with all the modern amenities associated with a 4 star residence
    Location: La Paz, Bolivia

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