Colo Colo Chile

7 days from £2,299 pp incl flights, accommodation & transfers

The combination of the Andes mountains and the Pacific gives you wine groves, deserts, arctic scenery and gin clear skies.


Colo Colo was a Mapuche leader back when Chile was expanding it’s territory, his ancestors will warmly greet you now as you journey south to Chiloé island and to the lands south of Concepción In Chilean Patagonia.

Our tour takes in Santiago which is a vibrant and modern take on latin America with the Andes mountains always in view from the city. Wine making is a major industry in the country and the regions such as the Aconcagua region, the Maipo, the Colchagua and others that may grace your tables in Europe and elsewhere!

San Pedro de Atacama

Chiloé island is a great destination for trekking, hiking and observing the local wildlife in this partially protected region graced by a national park, seafood is in abundance and local Mapuche culture is beginning to thrive again. Wooden churches and other wood based architecture is also in evidence.

Volcan Licancabur

The Atacama region is the driest place in the world and San Pedro, Iquique and Antofagusta form the tropical north of the country, dry, sunny and brimming with touring possibilities along the coast or delving into the arid interior and exploring this section of the Andes
Day 1 - Valparaíso

• Day 1: After arrival in Santiago you’re transferred to Valparaíso where you’re taken to your hotel to recover from the journey

Day 2 - Viña del Mar

• Day 2: You have a ½ day tour of the city in the morning with the rest of the day at your leisure to roam around this delightful seaside resort, you also venture into Viña del Mar – a resort not in the Torremolinos mould though!

Day 3 - Valparaíso

• Day 3: A free day to explore the delights of Valparaíso and the surrounding coast

Day 4 - San Pedro de Atacama

• Day 4: The flight is at around 7:00am for the flight to Calama which is the nearest airport to San Pedro which leaves from Santiago’s domestic airport taking 2 hours arriving at 9:00am. You are then collected at the airport and transferred to San Pedro de Atacama where you settle in for the evening taking in the desert atmosphere

Day 5 - Salar de Atacama

• Day 5: This day after breakfast you are taken on a full day’s tour of the surrounding hinterland including the Valle de Luna; the El Tatio geysers; the Salar de Atacama. & the Reserva Nacional de los Flamencos

Day 6 - Pukará de Quitor

• Day 6: Today you have tour of the Tatio geysers (04:30am) returning to your hotel by mid day, that afternoon you visit the the Pukará de Quitor

Day 7 - Transfer or Return

• Day 7: After 6 days you can possibly fly to another destination in Chile or possibly travel on overland to Northern Argentina; your choice!

Colo Colo Chile Hotels

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    La Casa de Don Tomás

      Situated in the magic splendour of the archeologically rich San Pedro De Atacama desert area in the northern Chile, the Casa Don Tomas is 8 kilometres from the airport
    Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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    Stanford Santiago Hotel

      Thanks to its location, in the heart of Providencia, financial, business and cultural center of the city. Our Stanford Santiago Hotel has a great access to different cultural and interesting places. It is also just a few metters away from the "Los Leones" metro station.

      A privileged location to make you enjoy your stay in Santiago de Chile. Discover the city and get to know its culture
    Location: Providência, Santiago de Chile, Chile

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    Hotel Latitud 33° Sur

      The Latitud 33° Sur Hotel is located on the emblematic urban stretch of Valparaíso. The Hotel shows the outstanding human settlement generated in this port city. It is perched on the hill, surrounded by steeped stairs, passages, see-sights, and narrow streets and a generous view of the city and the sea. The resulting urban irregularity is a steeped topography crossing inhabitants and tourists in common hidden spaces and ravines. This can be clearly seen from the adjoining surroundings of the Hotel and the overlooking of the rooms

      We are aware of the historical and cultural motivations of our visitors, so Latitud 33° Hotel offers informative and documentary services, as well as personalized references, to our customers to make sure they get accurate information and closeness to the social identity of Valparaíso
    Location: Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso, Chile

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