Ecuador And The High Sierras

11 days from £3,800 pp incl flights, accommodation & transfers

This Tour concentrates on the Andes but can be amended to include a trip to the Galápagos

Street life in Guayaquil

Quito is high, high, high! Nestling next to the Andes giving Ecuador it’s Andean feel. Old Ecuador and new jostle for position here. Pasillo is still heard, but Reggaeton and techno Cumbia vie with it for airtime as well as Madonna and Shakira!


The magnificent colonial centre still has a semi rural feel about it and at any point you may think a conquistador will jump out wondering why the Spanish flag isn’t pre eminent anymore!

As I pen this, the Tungurahura volcano is performing its pyrotechnic gymnastics resulting in a detour around Baños

Tungurahua Volcano

Riobamba is the most pleasant of highland towns, brilliantly sunlight and illuminating an ancient looking main street where ladies are still proud of donning traditional Quechua dress, but beware of the ubiquitous reggaeton audio infestation from Puerto Rico though; salsa, rockola and the original pasillo should calm the nerves and set you up for a thrilling neck bending hike through the magical Andes
Day 1 - Quito

• Day 1 – Arrive in Quito and acclimatise to the 9,350ft of altitude

Day 2 - Quito

• Day 2 – Embark on a city tour of Quito also taking in a folk music venue in the evening to round things off with food also

Day 3 - Quito

• Day 3 – A day at leisure to wander around Quito’s world heritage colonial centre

Day 4 - Baños

• Day 4 – Depart for Baños which is the gateway for trekking and Tungurahua with guides. Baños is a relaxed rural place which is a convenient gateway to the mountains and excellent hiking and walking opportunities

Day 5 - Baños

• Day 5 – Another day around Baños taking in the rivers, mountains and general clean air

Day 6 - Puyo

• Day 6 – Transfer to Puyo for a 3 day Amazon excursion

Day 7 - Puyo

• Day 7 – Wonderful Amazon experience from the Puyo base

Day 8 - The Amazon river

• Day 8 – Again traversing the tributaries of the amazon

Day 9 - Quito

• Day 9 – Transfer back to Quito again acclimatising and again marvelling at the city’s architecture

• Day 10 – Departure on international flight back to the UK

High Sierras Hotels

    Abraspungo_1 Abraspungo_2 Abraspungo_3 Abraspungo_4 Abraspungo_5 Abraspungo_6 abraspungo3 abraspungo4 abraspungo5 abraspungo6 abraspungo8

    Hotel Hacienda Abraspungo

      The Abraspungo sits in a glacial valley near to Riobamba and is the centrepiece of this highland hacienda that is constructed in the classical style of the area. Objects used in the local husbandry are part of the decorations that are afforded the hotel

      There is also a restaurant where you may hear the sounds of the highland people. The rooms seem to be fitted out in a surprisingly tasteful mix of modern and rustic, a comfort when lodging in the highlands which can get chilly at night

      If you know the Las Abras neighbourhood then that's where it is situated, out from the centre of town but within easy reach
    Location: Riobamba - Ecuador

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    Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

      Discreet, elegant, classic and welcoming hotel in Quito. Attractive interiors, with cutting edge design, make stays at this hotel from the Dann Carlton Hotels line highly enjoyable, distinguished by friendliness and innovation in its services

      210 completely renovated rooms with cutting edge design and services typical of first-class hotels

      Restaurant with a wide and varied menu; Liverpool Bar to enjoy your leisure time
    Location: Quito, Ecuador

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Quito Ingapirca Ecuador monkeys Blue Footed Boobys on Galapagos Via a Esmeraldas Quito Esmeraldas road